We have just released a new version of NNFlowVector, v1.5.1. It’s a patch/bug fix release with the following release notes:

  • Patch release fixing a streaking error that occurred with the last processing patch (furthest to the bottom-right area of the processed image), in some resolutions (resolutions that needed padding to become dividable by 8).
  • Improved the blending of the seams between processing patches. The problem was not always visible, but became apparent in some specific combinations of maxsize, overlap and padding values.

We have noticed that the NNFlowVector Utility nodes “MotionVector_DistortFrame” and “MotionVector_FrameBlend” don’t work in Nuke13.1 and Nuke13.2. They do however work in Nuke13.0 and earlier versions. We investigated this and found the reason to be a bug in Nuke in the way it handles motion vector channels in the IDistort node when they are time shifted using a TimeOffset node. If you are interested, here is the bug ticket (ID 518631) at Foundry’s site: https://support.foundry.com/hc/en-us/articles/7496106165010-ID-518631-The-Viewer-outputs-a-grey-image-when-there-is-an-IDistort-downstream-of-a-time-node

We have recently relocated our website to a new hosting service. It’s now much faster and more reliable. We are currently looking into moving our file hosting service as well, to get all downloads working better (we know that they have been painfully slow as times, thanks for letting us know!)

Due to client requests, we have added a new license type for our plugins called a “Global license”. This type of license is tailored for large companies that operate world wide, i.e. on a global scale, with operations present in a lot of different geographical locations around the globe. You will find the option in the Shop next to the other types (“node locked”, “floating” and “site license”).

Have a nice weekend!

Bug fix release of NNFlowVector and some other updates