We have previously been reporting about a malloc related crashing situation with NNSuperResolution when used in Nuke13.2v2 or later. That problem has always been able to be worked around by setting the environment variable NUKE_ALLOCATOR=TBB, which has made the plugin stable to use (this has been mentioned both here on our website, and also in the included “Documentation.pdf” in all NNSuperResolution zip downloads). The root cause of this issue has been very tricky to pin-point down, and we have been in tight communication with Foundry and their engineers during a couple of months to finally be able to solve it.

We hare happy to announce the bug fix release NNSuperResolution v3.4.4. This release is stable without the need for the environment variable mentioned above. It’s also fixing another minor bug fix, please see the release notes.

With that out of the way we are pushing forward with the work on NNSuperResolution v4.0! We have actively been training neural networks for over half a year for this new major release, and are currently closing in on the last bits and pieces. We plan and hope to release it within a month or two, and will of course announce it here as soon as it is out!

Cheers, and happy compositing!

NNSuperResolution updates