We have finally released all of our plugins for Nuke15.0!
We have also released all the latest versions of the plugins as Windows builds. This means that you can now go ahead (for Linux and Windows) and download NNSuperResolution v3.4.3, NNFlowVector v2.2.1 and NNCleanup v1.4.1.

The following section is rather technical, but good information if you are interested, or a person that is handling installation of our plugins and such:
A rather big update in general is that the builds for Nuke14.1 and Nuke15.0 are now dynamically using Nuke’s own provided copy of libtorch/PyTorch. This is in contrast to all the previous versions where we have been providing our own internal copy of PyTorch for multiple reasons. The biggest reasons for this has been that we started building plugins before Nuke 13.0 was released, i.e. before there even existed a public version of Nuke that had a bundled PyTorch version included, that we later needed a more modern version of PyTorch than what was bundled with Nuke 13 and that we wanted to provide a build compiled against a more modern version of CUDA/cuDNN than what Nuke 13 came with so we very early could support new generations of GPUs from Nvidia (without relying on JIT-compilation). We also wanted to be in control of which compute capabilities that we natively supported in our own releases.
With Foundry’s release of Nuke14.1/Nuke15.0, the things behind all the reasons above have caught up, i.e. Nuke is now released with a modern enough PyTorch for our needs, and is built against modern CUDA/cuDNN versions that do natively support up to the RTX40xx series of GPUs (compute capability 8.9). The benefits of using Nuke’s in-built version of PyTorch is mostly file size. For the Nuke14.1/Nuke15.0 our own binaries are way smaller (like 1-2 Mb instead of 1-2Gb), and we don’t need to supply a copy of the CUDA/cuDNN libs since they already exist within the Nuke installation itself. One example would be the zip download of the NNFlowVector v2.2.1 build for Nuke15.0 (Linux) with GPU support: 240Mb instead of 2.5Gb.

The documentation about the above is not fully up to date yet. We intend to fix this going forward of course, but felt it was more important to get the latest builds released instead (and not delayed by documentation processes).

Another good thing to know is that we at the same as releasing the Nuke15.0 builds did a bug fix of NNSuperResolution, bumping the version from v3.4.2 to v3.4.3. This is an important bug fix that fixes a regression bug that made the RGBA not work. Please be sure to download and run the latest versions that are released. 🙂

Have a great year compositing in 2024!
Cheers, David

All plugins released for Nuke15.0 and more