This new version features some new and important controls for what area to process when doing the cleanup/inpainting. You have the option to either process “Full frame”, “Specified region” or “Matte input’s bbox” (the old behaviour of v1.0.0 was always “Full frame”). Because the area that needs processing is usually just a sub section of the image, having these options makes it possible to work on really large images, 4K plates and even 16K HDRIs for example. We’ve also added a “process_scale” knob that makes it possible to work on really large areas by internally downscaling them before processing (and then later upscaling them again). All this makes the memory footprint way smaller on the GPU and hence possible to still work GPU accelerated.

An example cleanup on a 16K HDRI

We have added a couple of HDRI examples on the product page, including downloadable EXRs of before and after.


NNCleanup v1.1.0 released