We have officially released v2.1 of NNFlowVector. The new version features render license support, Nuke Indie support and a new variant called “AA” that is based on a new and modern transformer model. You can go ahead and download it now!

The render license support means more flexibility when licensing our plugins. You can for example buy a couple of GUI licenses for your artists to use interactively when working, and then have a bunch of render licenses for the farm to batch process with (without them interfering with the GUI licenses). If you are a bit technically creative, you can also make your farm use the GUI licenses durings off hours to up the license count for overnight batch rendering on the farm.

Nuke Indie support opens up the use of NNFlowVector for more Nuke users. All of our plugins are now supporting Nuke Indie, and are listed as such on Foundry’s 3rd party listing of plugins for Nuke.

The new “AA” variant is an even more complex neural network for solving optical flow / motion vectors for image sequences. It can handle some complicated situations better than the already existing “A-H” variants. Due to its increased complexity it is also using more VRAM on your GPU than the other variants. To be able to fit it on your GPU, you might need to lower the “max size” parameter. We have also introduced a new parameter called “separate inferences” that will solve the forward and backward pass after each other instead of in parallel, which also makes the plugin use a bit less memory. Worth knowing is that the new variant is not always better, so it’s still recommended to try out and compare a couple of different variants for your own specific image material.

Take care and happy compositing!
Cheers, David

New version of NNFlowVector released