It’s been another month and lots of developments!

In the middle of January we did a series of before & after examples of the output of NNSuperResolution on Instagram and Facebook. For easy access, we’ve also posted these examples on this page here on the website.

We have created a dedicated page to make it easy to request a free trial license for NNSuperResolution. You can request either node locked or floating licences. The default is that we create a free test license for you that will expire after 10 days. This way you can test the plugin fully, without any watermarking/noise, to properly be able to evaluate the results for yourself on your own material.

After talking to some clients about their installation experience, we’ve decided to also provide downloads of the NNSuperResolution plugin bundled with the needed CUDA and cuDNN libraries. This will make for a much easier installation procedure if you don’t previously have the NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit and NVIDIA cuDNN libraries installed on your system. The bundled CUDA & cuDNN libs can be installed into the same NUKE_PATH directory as the main “” is installed into, and the plugin will find and use them directly from there. These new versions are available on the downloads page.

We are continuing our development journey towards finding a good super resolution solution for sequences that will produce a much more temporally stable result. While the translation invariance loss, from the previously mentioned paper, does help with producing a more stable result in general it doesn’t produce as temporally stable sequences as we want. We are currently looking into the methods presented in the paper “Learning Temporal Coherence via Self-Supervision for GAN-based Video Generation“.


More example images, trial licences and bundled CUDA libs