About Pixelmania

Pixelmania is a graphics media company, part of Brainspark Enterprises. We've been creating graphics in a lot of different media and forms since 1996. Covering nearly everything ranging from webpages to video productions and motion graphics.
Today it's run solely by me, David Wahlberg, and since I'm full time employed at ILP (Important Looking Pirates), Pixelmania isn't that active in production at this time.
I mainly use Pixelmania as a publishing ground for stuff I've developed myself and want to share with the mobile and graphics/VFX community.

About David Wahlberg

I focus on compositing, i.e. the final step in a post-production pipeline for creation of visual effects for commercials, music videos and feature films. I live in Stockholm, and have been working with compositing professionally since the beginning of 2005.
To watch my latest showreel and get a copy of my CV, go to this page.

Compositing R&D

I use The Foundry's Nuke as my main compositing tool. Nuke is very powerful program much thanks to it's flexibility and extensibility. To read about my personal Nuke customizations and projects, go to this page. Before I started to use Nuke, I used Apple's Shake for 7 years. I decided to still keep my Shake page online with plugins etc. that I developed and released for free, you can find that page here.

iPhone App Development

I do some app development for the iPhone in my spare time. To get to that section click here.

Hostal San Miguel, Nerja

Brainspark Enterprises is also the owner of Nerja Adventures. Nerja Adventures is a company located in Spain that is running a brilliant hotel business called BokaNerja in the nice little town of Nerja. To read more about this and book your own holiday stay, visit the webpage of BokaNerja in Nerja, Spain.